Tomahawk School

Lunch Program

Our delicious hot lunch program offers students an alternative to bag lunches using a monthly pre-order system. A variety of items may be offered on the menu, such as hamburgers, pizza, chicken nuggets, sub sandwiches or perogies with a smokie on a bun. Coordinated and operated by School Council and parent volunteers, the hot lunch program is available Thursdays October through to May. Please contact the school if you are interested in helping with this program. 

Hot lunch will be offered once a week. Forms will be sent home for parents to fill out for each student, and are to be returned by the deadline. Late orders will not be accepted as we are working with the restaurants and have time deadlines to adhere to.

Students’ Union Vending Machine

Recently the Students’ Union purchased a vending machine. A variety of products are available for purchase such as milk, homemade sandwiches (on a bun, croissant, bagel, etc.) yogurt drinks, squares, soups, cereals, etc. Nutritious snacks will be provided as available. All funds support students’ union activities.

Refreshment Machines

Water and juices will be available for purchase from the machines located in the lower hallway. Pop is no longer sold in the machines. Students should remember to purchase drinks only during lunch break. Grade 9 students look after the day-to-day operations of the machines. Profits from the sale of these refreshments help fund the year-end Grade 9 trip.

Parents and students, please note that energy drinks are not to be consumed at Tomahawk School.

Microwave Ovens

The Students’ Union has purchased numerous microwave ovens and placed them throughout the school for student use. Heating up leftovers from supper the night before is often a nice change from sandwiches. While we think it important to offer this privilege, we need to be reminded that this is dependent on the students’ commitment to maintaining the cleanliness and appropriate use of the microwaves.