Tomahawk School


Fitness Equipment Now Available For Community Use

Fitness equipment in the community wing of Tomahawk School is now available to be used by community members, 18 years or older. We have three stationary bikes, two treadmills and an elliptical that can be accessed during school and community library hours.

Important Information and Rules for Equipment Use

  1. The Fitness Center is open to community use during school and community library hours only.

  2. Fitness equipment priority is given to students and is accessible to them throughout the whole school day; community members may be asked to move to another machine if one is needed by a student(s) at any time.

  3. To become a member of the Tomahawk School Fitness Center, you have to sign a waiver form available in the school office and provide a minimum donation of $25 per school year for maintenance of school fitness equipment.

  4. All members need to sign in and out of the community library prior to and after using the fitness equipment.

  5. The fitness equipment is for individual use only; no more than one person at a time using the equipment.

  6. All members need to use clean indoor running shoes when using the equipment and wipe down all equipment following a workout with the wipes available.

  7. There is no personal trainer for the fitness equipment, but our community librarian is available to show members how to use equipment if needed during community library hours.

  8. All community use members have to be over 18 and only minors that are current students of Tomahawk School may use the equipment.

  9. All personal belongings are responsibility of the community member using the equipment. There are no lockers available to members.


For more information contact:
Tomahawk School
Phone: 1-780-339-3935